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About Well Clay

Well Clay designs and produces ceramics on Vancouver Island, BC. Our work is a celebration of timelessness, functionality, and craftsmanship. We believe that the objects used in our daily lives contribute to our sense of ease and wellbeing.

Our ceramics are handcrafted in small batches using sustainable production methods. From sourcing materials as locally as possible to recycling almost 100% of our production waste and water, sustainability is at the forefront of how we design and work.

Our ceramics are made slowly, with intention, and a focus on quality.

Well made. Well held. Well Clay. 

Our Story

Formerly KBullen Ceramics, Well Clay was founded in 2020 by Kelsey Bullen. After having studied and worked as an accountant for over a decade, Kelsey welcomed the opportunity to work with her hands and nurture her creativity. Kelsey continues to be involved in all aspects of Well Clay, from designing products, developing production methods, and producing our ceramics.

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