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Pasta Bowl

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  • Approximate: 2" Height, 8.5" Width 
  • White stoneware and durable glossy glaze
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe

This product is made-to-order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for production.

Each piece is unique, even within a set. We celebrate these variances as part of the inherent beauty of handmade objects.

About Our Heritage Collection

Our Heritage collection features simple, timeless forms, produced in a white stoneware and durable glossy glaze. A subtle spiral, created gently by hand, makes each piece unique. The collection is handcrafted on the potter’s wheel using molds and equipment that were designed and made in-house. 

The inspiration for this collection was to create a foundation - both as Well Clay's initial offering and as a staple in your kitchen. Our Heritage Collection is classic, versatile, and will serve as the perfect canvas for everyday meals and gatherings with those you love.

Caring for your Handmade Ceramics


Your new ceramics are dishwasher safe, however some consideration is recommended to maintain quality and durability over the long term. We recommend opting for more gentle detergents, avoiding any acidic or harsh soaps. Use of rinse aids is not recommended.

Hand washing will keep your handmade ceramics looking the best over the long term. Longevity is sustainable and care is an investment.

Oven and Microwave

Handmade ceramics are susceptible to thermal shock, which can result in cracking or premature breakage. Avoid placing your ceramics in extreme temperature environments, such as the freezer or a high temperature oven.

Oven and microwave use should be done with caution. Never place your ceramics into a pre-heated oven. Instead, heat them slowly with the oven, and never hotter than 350 degrees F. Avoid prolonged microwave sessions, which may heat the ceramics to a temperature unsafe to handle. As a rule of thumb, our ceramics are intended for serving - not cooking.


Staining can occur when food is stored in ceramics for a long period of time. Some glazes are more susceptible to this than others. As a rule of thumb, our ceramics are intended for serving - not storage. 

Cutlery Marks

Regular use of flatware on ceramic surfaces may result in cutlery marks. Matte glazes are more susceptible to cutlery marking versus glossy glazes. Cutlery marks are typically superficial residue on the surface of ceramics.

Using our Vases

It is possible that our pots may leave a water mark on wooden or painted surfaces if left for a period of time. Our pots are all polished smooth and scratches, if any, should be minimal.

If your surface is dear, we recommend using a coaster or felt pads to prevent any damage.

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